Keith Taft

January 18, 2023 at 3:25 am

Keith Taft  The High Tech Gambler

Keith Taft is no ordinary professional blackjack player. He studied card counting through books and being incredibly smart helped. He found card counting easier when he developed a wearable computer to do the job for him.

Keith Taft was born in the small town of Cut Bank Montana in 1930 and had no exposure to gambling growing up. His family were extremely religious and frowned upon such sinful activities. Being smart and enjoying unravelling problems and mysteries he completed an undergrad degree in physics and music and went on to receive his Masters in physics.

The Start of his Gambling Career

In 1969 at the age of 35, he had his first experience at a Blackjack table which was inadvertent. Things were about to change when he took his family on vacation. As they were passing through Reno, they stopped off at Harrah’s Auto Museum where he received Lucky Bucks. He converted them to Blackjack chips and won $3.50.

After that, he kept heading back to the tables, but success was far from his grasp, and that lead to him developing George in 1972, a first wearable card counting computer. George weighed 15 pounds and ran on batteries and Keith communicated with this computer via switches he pressed with his big toe. He had great success with George for a while until he started losing and decided to give up on George and computer blackjack technology completely.

Taft teamed up with another Hall of Famer and David was born, and it was much smaller, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. In 1980 Taft developed a genuinely illegal system. It had a video recorder attached to a players belt designed to see the dealers hole card. The law eventually caught up to Taft, and he was fined $10 000 and spent 60 days in prison.

Wrapping it Up

Keith Taft continued to play Blackjack and develop more advanced electronics over the next 20 years, due to it being legal as per the law passed in 1895. He was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame shortly before he passed away in 2006.

French Cuisine Slot by Blue Gem Gaming

November 11, 2022 at 12:13 am

French Cuisine Slot by Blue Gem Gaming  Introduction

The French Cuisine Slot is one of the most engaging casino games in the Video category. Currently, 13 online casinos use the software platform developed by Blue Gem Gaming. The game has five reels with twenty paylines, which allows players to place multiple wagers.

There is a minimum of one coin per payline and a maximum of five coins per payline. The coin size for French Cuisine is between 0.01 and 1. It has a 98.5% return to player (RTP). A jackpot of 3000 coins is also featured in this video slot for those who enjoy trying their luck to claim a jackpot.


As well as offering additional winning opportunities and entertainment, French Cuisine also includes exciting features and bonuses.

Activating the Click Me Bonus in French Cuisine slot is achieved by lining up three Crab symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously. You must select one of the “Click Me” squares which you think will have the highest coin payout from a total of three crabs. With the right selection, and playing max coin bet, you can win over 2000 coins.

Waiter symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 to trigger French Cuisine 3D slots’ bonus feature. You will be presented with instructions for the Bonus Round once the feature is activated. There are three different dinner courses to choose from:

  • First Course – Starter: Choose from three starter options.

  • Second Course – Main: Choose from three main courses.

  • Third Course – Dessert: Select from three dessert options.

Your goal is to select a dish that the mice haven’t found before. Choosing the right dish will reward you with coins but there will be no reward if you chose a dish or dishes that have mice eating them already.

Harry Kakavas

September 1, 2022 at 3:36 am

Harry Kakavas  Harry Kakavas, a known problem gambler was once one of Australia’s top real estate agents. He made a fortune selling houses on the Gold Coast and was one of the biggest Australian gamblers. Kakavas lost in the region of 1.5 billion on the Baccarat Tables at Crown Casino in Melbourne, betting as much as $300 000 a hand.

His Downfall

His compulsion left him owing friends, lawyers and banks millions of dollars. His friends believed they were investing in his property ventures when, in actual fact, they were unknowingly feeding his gambling habit.

The Crown lured him away from Las Vegas by offering him free accommodation, food and drink as well as a free private jet to ferry him from his home on the Gold Coast. They even flew him to the Philippines and back for a free holiday. Further to this, the Crown Casino also gave him $50 000 in lucky money which was handed to him personally when he boarded the plane totalling over $10 million in treats to ensure this high rolling problem gambler kept going back.

Kakavas eventually lost everything and laid a multi-million damages claim against the Crown stating they knew he was a compulsive gambler and they exploited his weakness and acted unconscionably.

His case was subsequently thrown out by the Victorian Supreme Court sending a clear message to all Australian gambling addicts which was that Australian Courts would not give gamblers their money back.

In 1998 Kakavas spent four months in jail for defrauding Esanda Finance Corp of $2 860 000 and that same year he faced charges of armed robbery. However, due to insufficient evidence, the charges were dropped. The Esanda Fraud is a landmark in the Kakavas story as he claims to have committed this crime to feed his gambling habit.

Today you will find Harry Kasavas back on the Gold Coast selling properties focusing on Hedges Avenue working for Prestige Property Sales.

Chris Moneymaker

May 9, 2022 at 12:28 pm

Chris Moneymaker  About Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker is a professional Poker player and probably best known for winning the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. He qualified for the WSOP in a satellite tournament and not seen as a significant contender, yet his victory proved to the world that perseverance and hard work could take you places.

He was the middle child born in Atlanta, Georgia to a middle-class family. His father worked for a travel agency which provided the family with free vacations, and it was on one of their free trips. Chris experienced the thrill of gambling. They managed to sneak into the cruise ships casino and made it to a slot machine but were escorted out penniless.

His Life

Moneymaker graduated from the University of Tennessee with both a bachelors and his masters in accounting. He enjoyed playing poker once a week with friends or online at PokerStars but at that stage never thought of pursuing it as a career. However, as time passed bills piled up and he started playing poker online and luckily for him his $39 buy-in satellite tournament at PokerStars paid off.

At the start of the game, Moneymaker played to lose as he wanted to finish in fourth place for the cash prize however a friend of his convinced him to go for first as it would be a once in a lifetime experience, how right he was. The World Series of Poker began in 2003 and Moneymaker was competing against 838 of the best poker players globally, and each one started the game with 10000 chips. That day he finished with 60 000 chips and placed him 11th. The second day of the competition saw only 111 players left including Moneymaker who sat in 26th position with 10000 chips. Moneymaker just kept winning, and in the fifth day, Moneymaker beat Farha with a great bluff and walking away with 2.5 million and a gold signature bracelet.


Today he is PokerStars primary spokesperson and has attracted many new players. The sudden attention poker stared receiving was known as the “Moneymaker effect” This man is a true inspiration and shows people anything is possible if you set your heart and mind to it!