Brian Molony

August 21, 2020 at 3:16 am

Brian Molony  The Banker and Gambler with a Secret

Brian Molony is a former compulsive Canadian Gambler and embezzler who was one of four children of a Toronto Doctor. He started stealing from his parents at the age of 10, to feed his addiction at the race track. Further to this, he also acted as a bookie for his school friends.

He graduated from the University of Ontario with the notion of being a financial writer; however, he did exceptionally well in the CIBC aptitude test, so the Canadian Bank placed him in their management training programme. Molony started off as a teller, then moved across to savings, current accounts, forex and loan accounting. He then floated between the bank’s vast network of some 1600 branches; giving him a broader insight into their workings and weaknesses. It was the start of his secret life that led to his ultimate downfall.

Gambling and Embezzlement

Molony led an unassuming life, ensuring he kept a low profile wearing inexpensive suits, leaving minimal tips at restaurants all whilst embezzling $10.2 million from Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce to feed his gambling habits.

During his prime, he was betting up to $75 000 a hand by playing anything from craps to poker. He even dabbled in sports betting and once lost $800 000 when he placed a bet on a team that lost. On the other hand, he wagered $500 000 on a winning team at the Super Bowl, successfully doubling his money.

Brian Molony was arrested on April 27, 1982, the day after he lost a million dollars at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel-Casino. Molony pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was incarcerated. On release, he agreed to community service and a programme of restitution which included public speaking on the compulsion of gambling.

Today Brian Molony works as a management consultant and is also paying back the funds he stole. He is happily married with three children living in a modest home in Pickering, Ontario.


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Ida Summers

June 15, 2020 at 3:18 am

Ida Summers  The Vixen of Vegas

Ida Summers or better known as the Vegas Vixen, is one of the most notorious and successful casino cheaters of all time. A petite and attractive woman with bold cheating techniques earned herself thousands of dollars daily during the 1960s and 1970s across casinos in Las Vegas.

Summers Bold Cheating Techniques

Amongst many cheating techniques Ida Summers used, was her attractiveness. She would flirt with the dealers to the point that they lost focus and did not realise she was cheating them out of their money. She also used the process of hand mucking when she first arrived in Vegas. Hand mucking involves bringing one or two of your own cards into play, but you have to match the cards being used by the casino perfectly.

Often Ida Summers would steal cards from the dealers or at times convince the dealer to give her one of the casino’s decks so she could “practice at home”. Upon her return to the chosen casino she would hide the cards in her sleeve and swop them without being noticed so she could reach 21, Blackjack her game of choice.

As she grew bolder, Ida decided to use “cooler” as her new method of cheating. Cooler or Cold Decks were Blackjack shoes filled with pre-arranged cards that were flawlessly designed to beat the house. It was risky as it entailed shoe swopping, yet Summers managed to pull it off by recruiting several male friends to assist her in her efforts.

The End

The details on exactly how Ida Summers landed up getting caught is unclear. Assumptions were that the FBI had been watching her for several months gathering sufficient evidence to prove she was cheating. It is said that the FBI received a tip-off by one of her male companions. Ida Summers indeed cheated death too, because the Mafia ran the casinos at that time; instead, she got off with probation.

Gambling and Love

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Gambling and Love